Choosing Goodness offers gifts made with inspiration and passion that encourage health and happiness for all.


Our larger vision is to:

  • Empower people and communities, around the world, who express their goodness by creating products with passion. Choosing Goodness offers them new opportunities to share their gifts so they feel empowered and grateful.

  • Share 5% of profits with organizations whose actions of goodness heal pollution of the elements (earth, air, water, fire), or empower women and/or children through art and education.

  • Connect with manufacturers around the world to be socially responsible by sponsoring events that promote health and happiness in their communities.


How it all Started

One positive impact of Covid-19 is the inception of Choosing Goodness (CG). Having time to slow down and reflect on all the beauty I saw as I traveled around the world in the last 18 years touched my heart. Listening to friends who have been guiding me caused the seed of this organization to be planted and we are looking forward to growing CG in a collaborative manner. Because everything is a choice, I wanted to make things simple, and be reminded that all decisions are best if focused on one belief, Choosing Goodness.


CG will present a variety of items, I refer to as gifts (because they are). Everything in life is a gift if that’s how we choose to see it. The time, the effort, the tradition, creativity, thoughtfulness, joy, heart-felt energy, and the elements that goes into each item make it a gift. The CG platform gives more exposure to gifts from people who use their creativity, passion, and good hearts as I integrate my experience which creates an opportunity platform for them and additional resources for me, in my elder years.  As CG began to unfold I was reminded that healing is part of who I am and how I live my life.  Sharing or creating gifts that help heal may be playful, simple, or pass on a message. Individuals, communities, societies all have healing to do if we want our world to grow in a healthy way.  


In the USA we often have to choose to be happy or good, as we have very few examples online, on TVs or in newspapers.  We have to search for those who are doing good things.  I started this business so 5% of profits will go to nonprofits (NGOs). When possible I will partner with organization so the gifts we offer will provide more exposure to organizations choosing goodness and even more donations. 


The richness I saw was in the looms as women in central America created colorful and detailed fabric. Colorful and creative embroidery showed up in Mexico, Guatemala, and India. Wooden animals painted with the most intricate features in Oaxaca, Mexico. Around the world people in mountain areas, villages and simple townships have been passed down hand made art from generations. I look forward to creating and sharing many gifts with you.

Patti Restaino