Patti Restaino is the Founder and President of Choosing Goodness LLC. She worked for over twenty years in all sizes of corporations.  Small entrepreneurial ventures or large corporations with over 10,000 employees. This variety lets her draw from a wealth of experiences.  She started as a salesperson, progressed to marketing and project management, training along the way, and ownership.


Since leaving the corporate world in 2003, Ms. Restaino has been involved with a variety of non-profits where she: facilitated courses that empowered low-income women to become successful entrepreneurs; implemented projects that supported an organization creating a world where youth are safe, loved and celebrated; participated on an organizing committee that produced annual same-sex dance competitions. Being in service she organized and promoted events that generated donations and inspired volunteers in a magical way.


Traveling stimulated Ms. Restaino’s interest in anthropology. Her connection with cultures around the world caused her to return to school to obtain a Masters of Arts in Socio-Cultural Anthropology in December 2009.  Teaching General Studies to first year students for 6 years at California State University, East Bay shifted her facilitation techniques to be more interactive and engaging. 


What brings her joy is being a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice. Ms. Restaino shares the gift of this heart-centered, energy modality that balances client’s body, mind, heart, and spirit, in a healing way. She is learning and integrating Ayurveda philosophy for her own health and wellness. You may also see her in the stands as an overly excited CAL women’s basketball fan. 


Ms. Restaino is one who lives from integrity and embodies an underlying philosophy of respect, which honors all people and cultures.